X. Billy Shocks Them All

from by The Apple Zed

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I open my eyes, and I rise with no pain
This shouldn’t be possible. It can’t be explained away
A million volts - it should have cooked me like a side of bacon
Yet here I am. Here I have awakened

How did this happen to me?
How did I survive?
There’s no conceivable explanation
For how I am alive

A heated debate
This is unprecedented
The warden demands
That they throw the switch again!

Again I’m unharmed, and their fear begins to show
They ask what my secret is, and I tell them I don’t know
I’ve circled the globe, and I’ve seen things you could only dream
And even I have no clue what this means

Why did this happen to me?
Why do I still stand?
No Golden Apple can change who I am
I’m just a mortal man
Who lived my life as best I can

I look back
On the life I’ve lived
From blazing a trail
To riding the rails
To spending my last days in jail

And as the current
Goes screaming through my brain
The meaning of it all
Becomes so clear and plain:
I guess I’m just
A truly bad



from The Fruits Of Their Labours, released December 24, 2014
Jim Mattingly (drums)
Eric Michaels (lyrics/music; vocals/bass/guitar)
Matthew Scarborough (keyboards)



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The Apple Zed Baltimore, Maryland

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