IX. Johnny Gets His

from by The Apple Zed

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Sanctuary on the shore I departed years before
Waves are dousing, but the rising sun helps dry me in the dawn
Staggering aboard a bus along the road that guided us
To a town rebounding from a time of war and pressing on

And I marvel at the passing scenery
How it's barely changed, as far as I can see
All I've done in life is aged. This natural majesty leaves me upstaged

Civilization rears its head. There's the marketplace I fled
As a foolish youth, never guessing life back home was gone

And I marvel at that little, quaint cafe
How it's standing, still, with no sign of decay
Dare I take a step inside? Hasn't my past fortune died?

Suddenly, I'm greeted by a waitress fine and fair
And her eyes are sparkling blue, and fiery red's her hair
She looks so much like the maiden I did once forswear
Have I traveled back in time somehow?

Finally, I clear my throat and ask her for a slice
Of her Golden Apple pie, no matter what the price
And a tear comes to her eyes. She says, sadly, no dice
They're all out. She has none for me now

Guess it's finally time to go greet the Reaper, my old foe
Holding back tears of my own, feeling wretchedly alone
I meet her gaze and nod my head
"I guess I'll have the cherry pie instead"


from The Fruits Of Their Labours, released December 24, 2014
Jim Mattingly (drums)
Eric Michaels (bass/guitar)
Matthew Scarborough (lyrics/music; vocals/keyboards)



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The Apple Zed Baltimore, Maryland

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