III. Gross Misconduct

from by The Apple Zed

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Lighting flashes as the storm gathers round. I know the tracks will be slick
Can’t let the train get out of control; I gotta think quick
See the red lights burning, and I fly right by them, screaming engine tempting fate
Passengers depending on me - can’t be late!

Off in the distance, a shadowy form emerges from out of the rain
Blinded by the storm, oblivious to the oncoming train
I hit the brakes, and they screech a futile song into the night sky
I swear I see engine number 144 reflected in terrified eyes
And so an innocent dies

“Trial of the century!” screams the newsman on TV
Justice turned to vengeance in The People vs. Me
Jury turns and glares with hatred when they see the widow cry
I know the truth can’t set me free, and so I lie

I swear I never saw the shadowy form emerging from out of the rain
I was blinded by the storm and I couldn’t stop the train
If I could go back and change things I would, but there’s no way to turn back time
This railway of life is a one-way express, from birth to the end of the line
He reached his, and someday I’ll reach mine

My heart’s pounding, and I hope that no one sees I’m drenched in sweat
I told my tale, tried to stay outta jail, but I’m not safe yet
The time has come to deliberate. I watch the jury as they stand
And file from the courtroom with my future in their hands

"We the jury find that you are guilty to the core
Of gross incompetence and vile murder. Furthermore,
Your lies bespeak remorselessness beyond all absolution
And so, we sentence you to death by electrocution"


from The Fruits Of Their Labours, released December 24, 2014
Jim Mattingly (drums)
Eric Michaels (lyrics/music; vocals/bass/guitar)
Matthew Scarborough (keyboards)



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The Apple Zed Baltimore, Maryland

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